The Author of “Killarney Blues” takes time out to blog about the things that inspire him, like rock music, the blues and good books. He also riffs (and occasionally rants!) about being an Irish writer exiled in Japan.

Colin O’Sullivan lives in the north of Japan and works as an English teacher. His short fiction and poetry have been published in various print and online anthologies and magazines, including A Living Word (anthology of Irish writers), Staple New Writing, The Stinging Fly, These are Our Lives and Cork Literary Review.


• likes hats very much

• plays the ukelele, poorly, but with a smile

• likes red and black things (like Dennis the Menace’s jumper)

• regularly has nightmares about snakes

• sings in the shower, but only one song, Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime”

• likes to recite lines from Beckett plays before he sleeps

• would someday like to pat a wolf (a tame one)

• thinks people should go out of their way to smell nice

• lives in Japan but speaks Japanese badly, like a man who has had a lobotomy and has just been to see a rather reckless dentist

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