poem; collaboration: Spoke

In my last post I tried to explain briefly the reason I write. I forgot to mention how lonely it can be.



How nice it is then to collaborate every once in a while; my good friend Bill Blizzard (who kindly gave me his photo for the cover of my novel Killarney Blues, see right) has a stock of excellent pictures which I occasionally browse. I’m hoping to put poems to some of these images. Here’s one just finished.





Displaying image.png


They said

I should speak

so I spoke.


They said

I should try harder

so I tried.


When they were unhappy

they let me know it

(I tried not to, but I cried).


Cottoned on now,

only my bicycle

I ride.





You can find my debut novel Killarney Blues here: http://viewbook.at/killarneyblues

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