More random pointless questions from rock music obsessives

We’re still at it. It never stops. More and more questions from the cardigan-wearing liner notes vinyl-sniffing obsessives.





Favourite Xmas song – I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake



Favourite Joy Division Song – Twenty-four hours




Favourite REM album – Murmur





Favourite Prince song – Alphabet Street




Band you hope never reunites (because they will ruin their legacy) – The Smiths




Artist you thought was bound for super-stardom/world domination – Terence Trent Darby

Artist’s career you wish had taken on a different trajectory – Terence Trent Darby





Favourite Country Music Artist – Hank Williams





Favourite Country Music album – Willie Nelson’s Red-headed Stranger




Band you often wonder “where are they now?” but are too lazy to Google – Grant Lee Buffalo





 So there you have it.  Waste your time away. You know you want to consider these questions just as much as I did.



…and yes, there will of course be more coming soon


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